Support Mechanisms


These mechanisms are integrated into the national export promotion policy. They consist mainly of special support funds and foreign exchange facilities.

Special export support funds

Whether prospecting on foreign markets, financing export projects or covering risks abroad, financial tools are made available to the exporter to support him in the international such is the case for

Foreign exchange facilities

In addition to the above funds, exchange facilities are granted to the exporter for:

Opening of foreign currency accounts
The use of this procedure can be applied according to three types ofspecial accounts:
  • Professional foreign currency account: Any resident company with foreign currency earnings from the export of goods or services can freely open one or more foreign currency accounts with 100% of export earnings.These accounts are intended to cover current expenses related to the company’s activity.
  • The International Trading Account:Any resident company engaged in international trade can open an international trading account to cover the costs and payment of their international trading operations.
  • Account of natural persons: Resident natural persons with foreign exchange earnings from services rendered abroad or profits distributed to them in respect of their capital interests in resident companies carrying out exports may have personal foreign exchange accounts opened to cover their possible foreign exchange needs.
Currency financing
Resident companies benefit from foreign currency credits from local banks for the financing of their import and export operations (export pre-financing credit, mobilization of foreign claims, etc.).

They may freely borrow from non-residents in foreign currency for the financing of their activities (supplier credit, buyer credit, financial credit, etc.), issue and provide guarantees to cover such loans.

Export business travel allowance (AVAE)
Any natural or legal person exporting goods or services may have business-exporter allowances files opened freely with the banks to cover the living expenses of his business travel.

Transfers of payments inherent in contracts carried out abroad
Payments for contracts of works, studies, monitoring, control and other services carried out abroad can be made freely by the contract holder.
Freedom of transfer for investment abroad
Resident companies may freely invest abroad and make the transfers necessary to finance these investments within the limits and conditions set by the regulations in force.
Other procedural facilities
The exporter may benefit from an electronic domiciliation of his export invoice. When it comes to necessary imports of goods for the production of exporting companies, the regulations in force did not require any exchange formalities. For these same operations, these companies can benefit from the freedom to make advance payments without issuing guarantees.
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