Dumping is a Practice which consists of selling a product on the Tunisian market at prices lower than that of the country of origin or country of provenance. To determine the existence of dumping, a comparison must be made between the export price and the normal value of the product in question. The following two tables make it possible to calculate the two values mentioned above.

The dumping margin rate is calculated on the basis of the following formula:

An anti-dumping measure may be applied if the volume of the dumped imports represents

Imports of the similar product in Tunisia
The dumping margin rate
Threat of damage
The damage or threat of damage must affect all producers of similar products or producers having a major proportion of domestic production.
Real positive cause and effect relationship
In the same context, it must be shown that there is a real and substantial positive cause and effect relationship between the dumped imports and the damage. This must be based on solid and verifiable evidence distinguishing damage caused by other factors from damage caused by dumped imports.
Threat of significant damage
Threat of damage to a domestic industry means when the introduction of the dumped imports will cause damage to occur imminently.
Measure to reduce the effect of damage
Before the termination of the investigation, provisional duties may be applied when there is a preliminary affirmative determination of the existence of dumping as well as the judgment of the need to apply such a measure to reduce the effect of the damage.
Mesures définitives
At the end of the investigation, the competent authorities within the Ministry of Trade and Export Development may apply definitive measures in the form of anti-dumping duties or acceptance of an undertaking by the foreign exporter to revise its prices and eliminate the effects of the unfair practice.

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